Microblading or Nano Hairstrokes?

Among all the types of semi-permanent brow treatments finding the right one for you can be a challenge. If you want a natural look hairstroke brows then you have 2 options – Microblading or Machine Nano Brows.

So what’s the difference? Let’s have a look.

Both Nano Hairstrokes and Microblading are a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. In both cases hairstrokes created by implementing pigment into the skin. The difference is that Microblading uses a manual tool and Nano brows are done with a PMU machine.


The Microblade tool is a hand held tool into which a thin blade of up to 16 needles is fitted and it is dragged through the skin. The blade is dipped into the pigment and is deposited into the tiny cuts in to the skin. It creates hair strokes but there is less control when it comes to pressure & motion. Healing can be a bit more intense than nano brow healing as there is likely to be scabbing & flaking (which is normal with microblading) because there has been more trauma to the skin. Microblading is not suitable for anyone with oily skin or large pores as the pigment migrates more easily into the microblading incisions and in time the hair strokes will blur, spread out and look less defined.

Nano Brows

Nano Brows are done with a PMU machine which gives a more precision and give a fluffier more natural look and is suitable for everyone. The strokes are thinner, crisper and are tapered so they look more like natural hairs. This is a good option for anyone who has oilier skin, large pores or mature skin as it is much gentler than microblading. The healing process is a lot easier than Microblading as there has initially been less trauma to the skin. There is very little to no scabbing and as long as aftercare is followed correctly the result is a lovely natural brow.


I initially trained as a Microblade artist years ago and loved every minute of it & had some amazing results. However since being in the industry for years and constantly updating my techniques I have come to fall in love with Nano Brows done with my PMU machine ~ it works for everyone, the results speak for themselves & it’s the technique I will always use now instead of Microblading.